Monday, January 20, 2014

Utica Shale Oil and Gas Production

As the most celebrated new shale discovery in the last few years, the Utica Shale in Ohio is being closely watched.  Both for volumes and for gas %.  The Ohio DNR Division of Oil and Gas has announced a quarterly publication schedule for drilling and production results by well statewide, and released the first report, for Q3 2013 (Here)

State's rights being what they are, it seems no two states issue reports that can be compared apples to apples.  The main things to note about the Ohio report are:

  • It's quarterly, and the production data are only in quarterly totals
  • NGLs are included in gas volumes
  • It reports by individual well (not by unit)
  • It does not indicate well status (ie producing or not)
And it is easy to answer just who has been busy in the play.  For those operators with few completions yet, the reported production volumes probably don't accurately reflect how gassy they production is yet.  

In total, about 42 BCFE in production was reported for the quarter, at 80.7% gas.  And it's dominated by Chesapeake:

Here is the same data sliced by County