Wednesday, June 4, 2014

EIA Weekly Petroleum Report

Today's EIA Petroleum Report was mixed, as crude inventories fell while product stocks grew.  The net was an 8.8 million barrel increase in total commercial supplies.

Crude stocks fell 3.43MM but remained at the upper end of the range.  Gasoline supplies were steady in the middle of the range, and diesel held below the range after gaining 2 million barrels.

Regionally, both Cushing and Gulf Coast crude inventories fell:

Demand fell across all categories this week, down a combined 1 MM barrels per day.  But gasoline and diesel demand were still strong.  Gasoline demand has been 300K barrels per day above 2013 demand for the last six weeks.  Diesel demand was above the 5 year range for the second week.

Domestic crude production fell this week, in Alaska and the lower 48, by a combined 89K BOPD.

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