Monday, April 14, 2014

Cooling Demand

US cooling requirements for the current week (through Saturday) are forecast by NOAA to be near normal at 8 CDD.  CDD's were much higher last year at 13.

From a natural gas demand perspective, the states that typically burn the most gas to support air conditioning demand in summer showed a mixed picture for the current week.  Texas is expecting a below-normal load, while Florida will be much above normal.  California shows no significant cooling load yet, and total electricity demand remains low in the west.

California daily electric generation demand has only been higher than 2013 on 12 days in 2014, including three last week during a brief warming spell.  Overall the electricity demand picture in the west is poor, due in part to the massive distributed solar (residential and commercial rooftop) boom.

It has been a different story in Texas this year with both weather-related demand and baseline demand up vs 2013.