Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pennsylvania Reports Oil and Gas Activity for 2H 2013

Pennsylvania Dept of Oil & Gas released semi-annual drilling and production report for Jul-Dec 2013.  Among the highlights:

  • Unconventional well count increased 351 to 7,027
  • Average daily gas production for the half increase from about 7.8 BCFD in 1H to 9.2 BCFD in 2H
  • Chesapeake again led the field in operated production, up from 1.69 to 2.04 BCFD

Here are the top 25 Operators (by gas volume) and their respective gas output and well count:

Here are the various ways PA classifies the unconventional wells.  (For a well to be classified as Producing, it has to have reported production in the period.)

The challenge of determining how many wells are part of the backlog of uncompleted wells is not completely clear.  PA wells can be classified as Non Producing, and/or Inactive. Inactive wells are very few (401 above), but Non Producing wells are many (2,111 above).  Most Non Producing wells have a narrative comment in a separate field of the spreadsheet.  Two comments predominate the list:  Drilling Not Completed and Temporarily Shut-In.  Here is the breakout of those: