Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ERCOT Set to Break Wind Generation and Penetration Records Tonight

ERCOT (Texas) projects the wind generation will exceed previous records for output, and penetration, tonight.

The Current All Time Record Values:

Record Wind Generation 14.023 GW 
Record Wind Generation Time 02/18/2016 21:20

Record Wind Penetration 48.28 %
Record Wind Penetration Time 03/23/2016 01:10

ERCOT projects that the 14.023 GW record will be broken repeatedly tonight and tomorrow, with a 14.77 GW projected output during the 9pm hour tomorrow.

24 ERCOT Wind Generation Projections for 11-17016:

Based on projected system load, wind penetration should exceed 50% tomorrow morning during the 3 am hour, which would set a new record.  It is important to note that installed  wind capacity has risen about 2 GW since the previous records were set, so this achievement was all but inevitable.  

Here is tomorrow's system load forecast, showing a 26.84 GW load at 3 am, which corresponds to a 14.26 GW wind forecast, for a penetration rate of 53.1%.