Monday, November 14, 2016

Nuclear Power Fleet Recovering from Maintenance Faster Than 2015

The US nuclear power reactor fleet is completing its seasonal maintenance/refueling schedule sooner than it did in 2015, which is reducing demand for natural gas fired electricity generation by nearly 2 BCFD at present.

The return of several reactors from maintenance in November contributed to the rising capacity factor, including:

Meanwhile overall nuclear power output was reduced by a shut down at Oconee 1, and an attempted restart at Farley 1 which was unsuccessful.  Cooper also began a restart on the 7th and was at 22% on Nov 9th.

Other reactors successfully restarting in the last 7 days include St Lucie 2, South Texas 1, Surry 1, Peach Bottom 2, Hope Creek 1, and Harris 1.