Friday, November 25, 2016

Gas vs Coal Fuel Mix in MISO Power Generation

With comparably low natural gas prices year-on-year, MISO daily fuel mix reports show that natural gas has claimed a solid increase in market share over coal.  Taking the daily reports, the percentage of carbon based power generation (ie gas+coal) claimed by natural gas is solidly above 2015.  Thanksgiving falls earlier in '16, so we will see a drop in the mix 3 days earlier, but controlling for that we see a solid increase in gas market share at coal's expense.  

Month to date, gas is claiming a 38% share this November, against a 30% share in Nov '15.

For context, total generation in MISO is running about 3% below last year, MTD.  

And the absolute value of natural gas generation is about 25% higher than Nov 15, on a GWH basis.