Friday, January 13, 2017

Rig Counts: Oil Rigs Down 7, Gas Gains 1. Sharp Rise in Canadian Oil & Gas Drilling Activity

Holiday effects might be dampening the upward trend in US oil drilling, which was down 7 this week.  As for major basins, Barnett lost an oil rig, Eagle Ford gained 1, Granite Wash lost 1, Permian gained 1, Williston lost 1.

Gas rigs were up 1.  Nonmajor plays added 5, so the net effect was a decline in drilling potential.  Utica and Marcellus each lost 1 rig.  Haynesville and Eagle Ford both lost a single gas rig as well. 

Canadian rig counts surged on post holiday seasonality, pushing both counts to the highest in almost two years: