Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Haynesville Shale Natural Gas Production Status

A review of reported production to the state of Louisiana for the parishes that contain the Haynesville Shale suggest that production could be rebounding slightly.  There is a significant lag in reporting monthly production for some producers, so September 2016 production is still incomplete.  If the remaining producers report in the next 30 days (they should), and the incremental production from those unreported wells adds up to 0.2 BCFD, that would give us 3 months of higher year-on-year production, probably the beginnings of a bona fide indication of growth:

The largest contributors to production are DeSoto Parish and Caddo Parish:

As of this writing, there were about 1,000 wells with production still unreported for September.  Most of those are immaterial, but the remainder may add enough production to the total to show growth.