Saturday, March 15, 2014

Texas Electricity Demand Growth Significant

Texas electricity generation demand (approximated by ERCOT) has been significantly higher YTD in 2014, primarily due to severe cold weather.  But on a weather adjusted basis, demand is also robust relative to 2013.  Through the first ten weeks of the year, here is the weather adjusted comparison to the same period last year.  

I also show the comparison without the week ended 2/8/14, which had astronomical HDD levels due to the 'polar vortex', accompanied by some power outages etc...  And both data sets exclude the New Year's Day holiday week.

This corroborates the NRG Energy assertion that weather adjusted demand is growing at more than +3% in the Texas market.  Meanwhile, coal is gaining market share from natural gas in Texas, as shown here.

And without the anomalous cold week in 2014.....